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  • Julie Rayner

Episode 17: Twins Days Festival

For this very special, super-sized episode, Julie and Katie go to the land of twins... the largest twin festival in the world... the TWINS DAYS FESTIVAL in Twinsburg, OH! You won't believe what they saw and the fellow twins they met while they were there. This podcast is about ALL things twins and the festival is also about ALL things twins, so it was the perfect place for Twintopia to go...and what an experience it was! This festival has been on Katie's bucket list since we saw it on television as little girls, so hooray for once-in-a-lifetime trips!! Plus, Julie shares some fun facts on Twinsburg and the history of the festival. If you've ever been curious about what it would be like to be surrounded by over 2,000 sets of twins, take a listen! Julie and Katie will tell you all about it!

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